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17.10.2018 We’re pleased to announce next SEEB. The lecture entitled 'DNA Barcoding and anatomy reveal 3 cryptic species of white grub (Posthodiplostomum spp.) infecting fishes in an Illinois lake' will be given by Shawn Meagher (Western Illinois University). When: 17.10.2018, 12:15 Where: Collegium Biologicum, Mała Aula

We look for a field assistant for bird behaviour project in Africa

We look for a field assistant for bird behaviour project in Africa. Supervisor: Tomasz S. Osiejuk Project leader: Mathieu Mahamoud-Issa Team lab: Department of Behavioural Ecology: http://behaecol.home.amu.edu.pl/ Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Biology (Poznań): https://amu.edu.pl/en/AMU-Faculties/faculty-of-biology Read more here.

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10.10.2017 SEMINARS ON EVOLUTION, ECOLOGY & BEHAVIOUR: 4th Marcin Antczak Award ceremony and special ornithological lecture entitled 'Learning and decision-making in wood warblers' by awarded Jakub Szymkowiak (Adam Mickiewicz University) Collegium Biologicum, Mała Aula, 12:15

Awards for the best presentations at International Congress received by our PhD students

PhD students from our Institute presented results of their research at the XV International Congress of Acarology in Antalya, Turkey.  Natalia Szudarek (Department of Animal Morphology) received a top three placement in the 'Best Poster Presentation' and Alicja Laska (Population Ecology Lab) placed in the top three for the 'Best Oral Presentation'. Congratulations! [...]

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Seminars on Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour

03.10.2018 We’re pleased to announce next SEEB. The lecture entitled “Sex- and environment dependent mutation and selection” will be given by DAVID BERGER from Uppsala University. When: 03.10.2018, 12:15 Where: Collegium Biologicum, Mała Aula

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Publication in Ecology

One widely accepted fitness advantage of being a masting plant (instead of just producing seeds every year) is the predator satiation. According to this mechanism, masting helps to increase seed survival through starving predators in non-mast years (famine cause the predator population to go decrease in numbers), and sparse predators are easy satiated in mast [...]

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Publication in Scientific Reports authored by members of our Institute: T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire profiling in non-model species using high-throughput sequencing

High-throughput sequencing (HTS) prompted development of novel, refined methods of analyzing immunological repertoires (e.g. immunoglobulins, TCRs). So far, despite a decade of progress, these techniques were mainly used in research involving model species and humans. Recently, Magdalena Migalska, Alvaro Sebastian and Jacek Radwan (Evolutionary Biology Group) published an article in Scientific Reports describing first use of HTS in TCR repertoire sequencing [...]

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The Marcin Antczak Award goes to Jakub Szymkowiak

The 4th Marcin Antczak Award for the most inspiring ornithological paper published in 2017 in a peer-reviewed journal by young scientist who originates from Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia goes to dr Jakub Szymkowiak from Population Ecology Lab, Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The International Board of Marcin Antczak Award appointed by the Dean [...]

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Publication in Journal of Ecology

New study describing how apparent predation occurring between two sympatric oaks influence their recruitment rates was just published in Journal of Ecology. The Authors (Michał Bogdziewicz, Nathanael Lichti, Rafał Zwolak) wrote a short summary of their work: Numerous plants are dispersed by scatterhoarding animals such as corvids and rodents. These animals carry away and cache [...]

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Seminars on Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour

20.06.2018 We’re pleased to announce next SEEB. The lecture entitled “Functions of duets and chorus in chubb's cisticola” will be given by Michał Budka (Department of Behavioural Ecology). When: 20.06.2018, 12:15 Where: Collegium Biologicum, Mała Aula

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