Publication in Scientific Reports about behavioural responses of phytophagous mites in presence of dispersal cues

In Scientific Reports, a PhD student of our Institute, Agnieszka Kiedrowicz  (Population Ecology Lab), published new research as a first author. The article is on behavioural responses of phytophagous eriophyoid mites to potential dispersal cues. Full article:

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Article in Journal of Mammalian Evolution: Micromys minutus as a model to study the arboreality of extinct eutherians

In the Journal of Mammalian Evolution, you can find a paper by Leszek Rychlik (Department of Systematic Zoology) and collaborators (from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris), in which they analyse vertical locomotion of the Eurasian harvest mouse Micromys minutus on substrates differing in diameter. Harvest mice display some morpho-functional similarities [...]

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Publication in Scientific Reports: on the importance of illumination in nest site choice in birds

In recent paper published in Scientific Reports, Paweł Podkowa and Adrian Surmacki (Department of Avian Biology and Ecology) reported the first evidence that light may be important factor influencing nest site choice and nest building strategies in birds. Study performed on Great Tit (Parus major) revealed that secondary cavity nesting birds prefer artificially brightened nest [...]

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New publication in Animal Behaviour – on the interspecific differentiation of personalities among shrews

In the last issue of Animal Behaviour, Sophie von Merten, Rafał Zwolak and Leszek Rychlik (Department of Systematic Zoology) published a paper in which they verified the social niche specialization hypothesis predicting that more social species should have more pronounced personality differences. They tested this prediction using four species of shrews that differ in ecology [...]

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Aggressive signaling in wood warblers: publication in Journal of Avian Biology

A paper by Jakub Szymkowiak and Lechosław Kuczyński (Population Ecology Lab) about signaling function of male song rate during territorial contests in the wood warbler (Phylloscopus sibilatrix) has been published in the current issue of Journal of Avian Biology. Using playback experiments, Authors showed that wood warbler males respond differentially to simulated territorial intrusions depending [...]

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Cyanobacteria in Chara-lakes: publication in Ecological Indicators

Cyanobacteria are a constant component of phytoplankton of lakes with different trophic status including lakes representing habitat 3140 Hard oligo-mesotrophic waters with benthic vegetation of Chara spp. In an article in Ecological Indicators Aleksandra Pełechata, Mariusz Pełechaty (Department of Hydrobiology) and Andrzej Pukacz (Polish-German Research Institute, Collegium Polonicum) compared the cyanobacteria community structure of four Chara-lakes: [...]

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Publication in the Ecological Indicators: new data on the functional significance of algae mats

Studies carried out by Marta Pikosz, Beata Messyasz and Maciej Gąbka (Department of Hydrobiology, AMU in Poznań) show growth patterns and distinct ecological niches of species that form mats of algae in freshwaters. Studies have shown spatial variability of densities and biophysical features of monospecies mats created by Cladophora glomerata. These results [...]

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Publication in Molecular Ecology Resources: New generation sequencing makes it possible to characterize the immense diversity of co-amplifying immune genes in wild vertebrates

Characterisation of highly duplicated genes, such as those of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), remains a challenging task, yet these genes play a crucial role in coevolution of parasites with their hosts, and may affect the susceptibility of endangered species to disease. In a recent article in Molecular Ecology Resources (link) A. Sebastian, [...]

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Publication in Journal of Ecology

The work done by Michał Bogdziewicz and Rafał Zwolak (both from Department of Systematic Zoology, Institute of Environmental Biology) in cooperation with Elizabeth E. Crone (Tufts University) and Michael A. Steele (Wilkes University): on the effects of chronic nitrogen fertilization on plant reproduction has been accepted in Journal of Ecology. Anthropogenic global changes such as [...]

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Szymkowiak et al. paper received Editor’s Choice in Oikos journal!

We are happy to inform, that recent paper authored by Jakub Szymkowiak, Lechosław Kuczyński (both from Population Ecology Lab, Institute of Environmental Biology), and Robert L. Thomson (FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, University of Cape Town, South Africa & Department of Biology, University of Turku, Finland) will be published in the November issue of Oikos [...]

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